Part number comprised of WidthPitch & Length. Example; P/N 50T20/1260 Denotes width is 50mm , Picth is T20 & Belt Length is 1260mm

42T20/1460 Polyurethane Steel Cord Timing Belt 73 Tooth

Belt 42T20/1460

42T20/1460 Belt Urethane Truly Endless 50mm Wide

  • Price: $147.98

42T20/1880 Belt Polyurethane Steel cord Truly Endless 94 Tooth

Belt 42T20/1880

42T20/1880 Timing Belt Urethane Truly Endless 42mm Wide

  • Price: $156.71

Other Non Stock sizes are available in the Joined Welded Endless version or Truly Endless. Please contact us for a quote.