MXL Pitch (0.080") part numbers are indicated by the number of teeth. Example: 100tMXL has 100 teeth and the belt length is 100 Teeth x 0.08" = 8" Long. Markings on belt may indicate lenght or number of teeth. Please check your belt length before ordering. 

132tMXL075 Rubber Timing Belt 132 Tooth MXL Pitch 10.56" Long

132tMXL075 Belt

132tMXL075 Timing Belt, 132 Tooth, MXL Pitch, Black Rubber 10.56" Long

  • Price: $10.41

133tMXL075 Rubber Timing Belt 133 Tooth MXL Pitch 10.64" Long

133tMXL075 BELT

133tMXL075 Timing Belt, 133 Tooth, MXL Pitch, Black Rubber 10.64" Long

  • Price: $10.41