52X66X1 Steel Pulley Flange Zinc Plated 52mm ID B15

52X66X1 Zinc Plated Steel Timing Pulley Flange, I.D.= 52mm, O.D.= 66mm, Thickness 1mm B15. For use with Timing Pulleys Bar Stock to guide belt travel. Fits Following Pulleys 36XL, 20L, 15H, 38T5, 38AT5, 39T5, 39AT5, 40T5, 40AT5, 19T10, 19AT10, 20T10, 20AT10, 37-5M, 38-5M, 39-5M, 24-8M

  • Material: Steel Zinc Plated
  • Thickness: 1mm
52X66X1 Zinc Plated Steel Pulley Flange
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  • Item #: F52X66X1SZB15
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